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Howard Browman

Council Title: 
Elected Trustee and Council Member

Bergen, Norway

Term of office as a Trustee
2022 - 2025 First term

Term of office as Elected Council member

2021-2024 Second Term

Dr Howard Browman is Principal Research Scientist with the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway (since 1998). Howard’s research interests cover a broad range of subject areas in biological oceanography and fisheries science and he has published >150 articles, books and edited volumes. He has been editor-in-chief of several marine science journals and is currently editor-in-chief of the ICES Journal of Marine Science.

He is a longstanding member of the Council of Science Editors' editorial policy committee and has contributed to sections of their best practice white paper and to resource documents on predatory publishers, publication metrics, publication oversight committees, and editorial board membership guidelines. He has experience on the boards and publication committees of several scholarly societies.

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