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This course is designed for editors and publishers who want to improve their understanding on publication ethics and to provide the tools and knowledge needed to address the many issues they face when editing a journal.

Free introductory module

COPE is offering non-members working on scholarly journals the chance to try out our eLearning programme, with free access to the module, An Introduction to Publication Ethics. This module aims to highlight the importance of ethical publishing as well as outline the definitions of misconduct. Virginia Barbour, Past Chair of COPE, says, “The aim of the free taster module is to give potential members a feeling for the extensive benefits that the organisation can offer them".  To access the other modules, find out how to become a member of COPE.  

Multiple modules

There are ten modules to choose from, and you are free to complete them in any order. Each module includes case studies and questions so that you can review your knowledge. Some modules may also include audio or video podcasts.

Certificate of completion

The course does not lead to a formal qualification but you can print a certificate of completion. Please note that you will not be able to print the certificate of completion unless you are logged in, as your name is included on the certificate. Non-members can register on the website.

Your feedback

All modules will be reviewed periodically and therefore we welcome your feedback. There will be an opportunity to provide this at the end of each module.


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